Huawei presented its new devices at the IFA trade fair in Berlin.
Although contrary to all expectations because of the Android scandal,
Huawei did not hold back and made a joke of Samsung.

We set new standards in design and color selection
on new devices.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu

As an example, the old note 9 and the new note 10 are mentioned here.
While Samsung chose the camera setup centered last year,
this year the camera and the colors are copied from the P30 Pro.

In the mentioned rendering, the models look very similar in color.
However, anyone who has ever experienced a Note10 in the wild will find that the Note10 colors are not comparable to the Huawei P30 colors. The P30 Pro model has a solid color. The Note 10, however, gets a different color depending on the angle.

The ironic thing here is that all products, including the P30 Pro, are not innovative by Huawei itself and are very similar to Apple. The camera e.g. Apple has introduced the first time in the model X, which was already available in November 2017.

But it should not stay with the camera arrangement. The EMUI, a custom ROM on all Huawei devices, makes the Android interface look very similar to Apple’s.

Thats not all. The new Huawei headphones are a blatant copy of Apple Airpods, which have been available since the end of December.

Finally, we come to the ironic thing Huawei could have ever done. The new design.

Bildergebnis für new p30 pro

Check out the new P30 Pro. A new unique design.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu

Just 5 minutes before this sentence, Huawei complained about Samsung.
That the new design is a brazen copy of the Google Pixel, but it seems like nobody cares.

In my opinion, Huawei should rather deal with their new operating system or the licensing of Android at this time than to hate against other competitors with no sense. Or am I wrong?